How We Are Solving The Supply Chain Crisis

In the era of the COVID-19 SAS COV-2 pandemic, the media has brought one of the more important topics in used in business: “Supply Chain”. In the last two years, the term has been highlighted with an unfortunate description crisis i.e. ‘’the Supply Chain Crisis”. Lockdowns brought on by the initial stages of the outbreak, the Suez Canal ‘traffic jam’, the container shortage, all played individual and compounding roles on a global level to worsen the situation. Locally, the crisis has mainly impacted the citizens through inflation given that Kenya is a net importing country. 

In the automotive industry, additional supply chain shocks came about due to the global chip shortage, meaning that traditional markets that provide second hand vehicles were not selling, causing a sharp increase in pricing. Locally, the taxation regime has had a further impact on pricing of motor vehicle pricing inventory in local car yards. 


Momentum Credit, established in 2017 uses the motor vehicle as an asset to individuals, households and the SMEs we serve; We are category leaders in motor logbook loans, insurance premium financing, motor import financing and motor supply chain financing – through invoice discounting and other trade products.  

Across the entire motor vehicle value chain, we offer fast invoice financing and supplier loans- where we help fund the supply of goods and services of our clients – “supply chain financing”.  

Momentum Credit is proud to partner with SMEs in the motor vehicle value chain such as spare parts suppliers, spare parts dealers, garages, windscreen dealers, tyre dealers, logistics providers and other suppliers in the value chain. In this way, we are able to live our motto of expanding possibilities for our clients. 

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