The Evolution of Invoice Financing

Kenyan SMEs have traditionally faced underrepresentation and limited access to traditional working capital solutions offered by banks. The reasons behind this are varied and have been discussed many times before. It is against this background that Momentum Credit was established in 2017 with a mission to provide structured non-bank financing to individuals, households and SMEs. In the pursuit of this, the focus has primarily been focused on motor vehicles. In evaluating the motor vehicle lifecycle, it became apparent that motor vehicle garages make for key partners in our mission. A well-serviced car is safe, efficient and critically preserves the car’s value as an asset to unlock financing.


Through extensive partnerships with SME garages around the country, we identified an opportunity to provide working capital through invoice discounting and launched the solution in in 2019. We have since enabled over 20 garages across the country access to adequate and fast invoice financing enabling them taken-on corporate clients from industry leading underwriters and side step inadequate cash flows that would otherwise limit their capacity to take on repair jobs. Over time, this value proposition to garages has developed into supplier financing, allowing us provide financing against purchase orders or authority to repair letters. Through our Invoice Factoring solution, vendors have access to affordable financing complemented by quick turnaround times easing the typical pressures limited cash flows have on businesses. Our brand promise – ‘Expanding your possibilities’ is truly demonstrated in these partnerships and the value unlocked by these partnerships by extending full supply chain financing solutions.

Embu based Racy Auto Garage is an example of a business benefiting from the Invoice Financing solution. Engage with their story here.

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