Together To The Roots 2023

The automotive industry continues to experience an upward trajectory with car ownership in Kenya increasing by the day, a rate which could see Nairobi only hub about 1.5 million registered vehicles by 2030. This upward mobility of Kenyans, industrialization and urbanization are the leading contributors of greenhouse emissions within the city. 

The adverse effects of climate change on human societies and the natural environment continue to ravage the country, with researchers estimating the cost of climate change mitigation at about a whooping KES. 78 trillion by 2030.

Kenya, East Africa’s financial, trade and communications hub, and its economy are largely dependent on rainfed agriculture, tourism and natural resources; sectors that are susceptible to climate variability and change.

MOMENTUM – A leader in the automotive space in Kenya is cognizant of the threat motor vehicle emissions pose to the environment, and thus, initiated the Together to the Roots Initiative, a partnership with Friends of Karura Forest – a community-based organization to help reduce carbon footprint through afforestation.

The Initiative, not only focuses on biodiversity restoration and environmental sustainability, but also, lend a hand in the restoration of the 1,063-hectare Karura’s indigenous cover from 45% to 100%. 

In honor and commemoration of the once vibrant environmental activist, Wangare Maathai, MOMENTUM, through a delegation of 50 staff, planted over 450 plants in the Karura Forest – Sigiria Nursery.

momentum credit

Kevin Makokha at the Together to the Roots Initiative 2023

The initiative was graced by the business’ top leadership and our Momentum Scholarship Fund beneficiaries taking up automotive courses at the Eastlands College of Technology – Read more here

Guided by the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCC), the business is intentional about addressing global climate change and supporting the country’s quest to mitigate and adapt to climate impacts

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