The Easiest Way To Get Car Insurance In Kenya.

In Kenya, MOMENTUM offers Insurance Premium Financing (IPF), a short-term loan product designed to facilitate the financing of motor vehicle Insurance with unparalleled convenience for both new and existing clients.

Hassle-Free Car Insurance

Car Insurance In Kenya just got easier with IPF by MOMENTUM, allowing clients to pay only 30% of the premium as collateral, making it accessible for a wide range of individuals and businesses who desire to get car insurance.

How Insurance Premium Finance Works

1. Collateral Payment: Clients pay only 30% of the premium as collateral, making Car Insurance In Kenya  accessible for a wide range of individuals and businesses.

2. Swift Approval and Procurement: MOMENTUM ensures a hassle-free process, with easy sticker issuance and approval within 1 hour, promptly paying 100% to the insurance company to secure your cover and allowing you to enjoy the benefits without delays.

3. Flexible Repayment: With a repayment period of up to 10 months, IPF provides flexibility, allowing clients to manage their finances comfortably

Qualification Criteria and Required Documents

Eligibility: Vehicles aged 15 years or less are eligible for IPF.

Documents RequiredIndividual and corporate clients need to provide specific documentation, including National ID, logbook, insurance quotation.

Insurance Premium Financing Product Features

Loan Amount: Ranging from Ksh 5,063 to 2,000,000, covering up to 70% of the premium amount.

Deposit: A minimum of 30% is payable as a deposit.

Loan Term: Repayable over 10 months with a 2% interest rate and a 4% processing fee.

Secure Your Vehicle, Your Way

IPF offers a unique approach to car insurance, aligning with MOMENTUM’s commitment to providing accessible financial solutions in Kenya.  With the convenience of paying through MPESA or bank, IPF ensures that your vehicle remains protected without straining your budget. Furthermore, IPF covers Third Party and comprehensive insurance.


In a country where vehicle ownership is a symbol of pride and necessity, Insurance Premium Financing emerges as a compassionate and efficient way to secure your car in Kenya. Experience the freedom of the road with the peace of mind that comes with IPF.

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